The collection and measurement of audience data via event survey intercepts, with post event reporting of audience demographics, patron expenditure/experience, tourism attendance, along with an in-depth economic impact study of your event.

Use your acquired audience data for future grant (municipal, provincial, federal) applications, sponsorship proposals & post event reports.

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What's included with the service?

  • Questions for survey inclusion pre-determined.

  • Surveyors deployed on-site the event grounds, along with email survey deployment options.

  • Collected survey-data then inputted into algorithmic programs for analyzation and preparation of audience reports.

  • Economic impact study including details such as; contribution to GDP, job creation, generated taxes, total output etc.

  • Consultation of audience data usage within future grant applications, sponsorship proposals and post event reports.

Highlights of audience survey reports include:

  • Audience demographics and geographic travels

  • Audience expenditures, length of stays and economic impacts

  • Effective media channels and marketing efforts

  • Patron experience and recommendations

  • Tourism metrics

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